Can Eminem Sing? – Video Performances & Professional Verdict

Can Eminem Sing? – Video Performances & Professional Verdict

In this post, we’ll be talking about whether Eminem can sing, and how well we think his vocal abilities are as a singer, not a rapper.

Now, we understand, Eminem is an exceptionally talented rapper, but the question isn’t can he rap, but can he sing.

Well, let’s find out and listen to a video demonstration of him singing:

Whilst listening to all of the studio versions of Eminem‘s songs, it’s clear that the singing parts are tuned, and layered with other vocals. Therefore, it makes it a little more difficult to fully assess his singing abilities.

However, at 16:00 we can see a live performance of “cleaning out my closet” where he definitely shows that he can hold a tune. Is it a little pitchy, yes. But most singers are when they perform live.

At 25:54 we can hear Eminem singing in “So Far”, and he displays quite a wide vocal range. His vocal style during this song could be quite easily applied to pop/punk, and wouldn’t be too far from the likes of Smash Mouth and Blink182 songs.

Despite this, the real slim shady is definitely a rapper at heart, but we’d love to hear more of his singing in a live format.

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